Wolves of Wayward

On The Campaign Trail

About a 9.0 on my weird shit-o-meter!

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Henry and company decide to pay a visit to the deputy mayor. Henry has his heart set on being the town’s stoic lawman, and needs to pitch the idea, and there are mysteries to ask about. The mayor is quite apprehensive about the whole Sheriff plan for the moment since he isn’t actually the mayor yet and wants to secure his position before he pushes a governmental authority onto the town and risk lowering public opinion of himself, but he sounds like he’d be willing to bring the issue up again when things have settled down.

The pack changes subjects and inquires if there are any paranormal mysteries they could assist with, as that’s the kind of stuff they deal with. It turns out they are in luck as there’s a nearly encyclopedia thick folder of weird Wayward happenings. Weird TV signals making one feel watched, the scrapyard, food deliveries, people fading out of sight at 12:04am on the night of “The Retirement” and reappearing, and a host of other problems. The team gets some copies of the Wayward X Files.

Deputy Mayor Colin Cross finds it funny when the group decides to call themselves “The Hunters” as it is coincidentally the name of a consistent group in Wayward. Always a group of five, and they always come to unfortunate ends. Henry and company are quite confident they won’t fall so easily.

A few other minor issues are covered, like not being able to say anything about the Ruth’s. Not confirming or denying the possession of a minigun by the builder’s guild but telling Colin to just pretend that there is one, for safety’s sake.

One of the spirit groups on the list of possible allies is law and order spirits. They hit up the spirit equivalent of the police station to find some and they manage to report the crimes of the McGath which the police spirits are NOT equipped to deal with. In light of this the boys convince the spirits to deputize them for the task of laying down the law.

On the list of spirits who might assist in the takedown of Clunker are rebellion spirits. Eventually they find the “Arcing Fires Of Liberty”. An explosion heavy spirit of rebellion. Initially apprehensive at the deputized sub-authority the pack represents, they are eventually convinced to assist in order to free the slave cars of the McGath. They agree to collect more allies and meet up later and also inform the team about a spirit named “Unchained Wheels of Unfettered Youth”.

While trying to round up the assistance of the local spirits to deal with Clunkerman the party runs into a car spirit the group had rescued from the giant fucking Baby spirit. The car spirit takes the pack for a ride and they discuss how to defeat the spirit who had latched onto the legacy of the dead racer. Apparently ol’ Unchained Wheels can’t refuse a challenge to race for the prize of his help with Clunkerman, and the only way to beat him, is to be good, and to cheat. Carter, the pack totem is quite capable of that and the car driving them around is a capable spirit vehicle.

They make their way to the spot where this dude makes his rounds and make their challenge. Then everyone does the timewarp as the heat of the moment changes. The race is about to begin. Joel, the hometown hero. Alice, his pregnant teen cheerleader girlfriend who doesn’t know if the father of the child is one racer or the other. Henry, Joel’s dad. Ben, the nerd. The scene is set for a greaser era drag race. Cheating their way to victory, everyone unnaturally compelled to play their parts. Joel the glory hog embraces it and dips and kisses his fake scenario girlfriend, Alice, before everything goes back to spirit normal and they never speak of it again.

Then Joel’s spirit car companion eats the other spirit as the best way to use his help. Consent is not required. The spirit car is now way more bad-ass.

The group to meet back up with the rebel spirits and shit is about to go down.



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