Wolves of Wayward

Initiation Station

Jacob and Alice get a tribe

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Jacob’s fake father gets the packs help to set up Jacob’s initiation. They build an arena for a fight and everyone is let in on the secret of the upcoming battle. When the time comes, they get Jacob all hopped up on drugs and convince him they’ve done some werewolf spirit mumbo jumbo to make it so he can fight his other personality. Joel machines Jacob a Bat’leth for the occasion and delivers it right before the fight.

Jacob, despite being hopped up on goofballs owns his opponent in the conflict rather handily and the group congratulates him and make fun of him when they reveal he has beaten up his fake spirit dad thus proving Jacob is gullible, and that his dad thinks he’s gullible, and that Jacob knows that his dad thinks he’s gullible. Joel as rite master gives the kid the oath of the moon, and tribe is acquired for him. He is knighted and presented with the Bat’leth to keep forever.

The pack tries to get some things done around town and investigate the builder’s guild who is not taking new members for security reasons sort of, but they convince the guild to send a dude over to the school to check out some of Jacob’s excellent craftsmanship. The guild has their hands pretty full having recently being seiged by unknown assailants with gunfire at home base. Joel also finds that Smith brothers were wrong about the builders guild standing in the way of the scrapyard so Joel claims he’s gonna take it over without issue and makes the builder’s guild start a betting pool on how long it takes Joel to die. They go investigate that shit by calling up the Ruth’s now thinking this is probably spirit bullshit.

The Ruth’s confirm this and inform Joel the spirit honcho of the scrapyard speaks in car. The group takes Carter and goes to check out this situation. Before they reach their destination, they find an annoying giant baby spirit of the fear of those dying unattended (which is discerned via the read spirit power) and use Carter to permanently remove the spirit from town, absorbing its essence completely. They eventually reach the scrapyard, and after being asked over the phone line in the office of the scrapyard to back up via truck beeping they see the explosive power of Clunker man who lets off what seems like a tank shell near the phone. They try to negotiate with the thing and can’t come to a compromise with the mcgath abomination, and decide that taking it head on right now is suicidal.

They head home to ruminate on all this when they receive a visit from an old woman who wants to see Alice. The packs detects that the cute old lady is a werewolf and she makes a proposal for Alice to become a Boneshadow. Joel advises she take it, because if the Boneshadows picked her, the other tribes aren’t going to want her. But the initiation is an odd one. Alice gets to ask the old wolf questions to learn more about why she’s been selected as a Boneshadow and was important enough to grab through the no-exit zone that is Wayward, but once she ask too many questions, the old lady will shoot her with a revolver. “Too many” is not a specified number.

Joel starts a betting pool on how many questions it takes for Alice to get shot and during the question and answer session and briefly goes upstairs to retrieve something She eventually does get shot, but is offered the chance for more questions if she is willing to be shot again. She takes it while the pack stops the bleeding of the first bullet. She makes it all the way to the second bullet and passes out, and Joel casually fires the pistol he’d grabbed from upstairs at the old woman grazing her arm, which in a medical fucking mystery, basically blows up her whole arm killing her instantly. Everyone is shocked. Joel puts himself on cleanup duty and they have her treated at the hospital. Later on Joel makes it a point to take the old woman’s revolver from Jacob, and give it to Alice, as a token of achievement.

This results in a visit from the administrator later on and he arrives livid. Joel doesn’t take particularly kindly to his tone and forces him to have some whiskey and calm down at gunpoint. He informs the group that if Alice can’t be relied upon and is putting herself at such risk all the time, he won’t be able to keep her on, which is unfortunate since he feels the town needs her. He leaves.

In a bit of epilogue, Henry and Joel bear their hearts to Ben in an effort to point out how dependant he is on other people and learn a bit more about Ben and his aspirations (like being a father). They do convince Ben that he needs to do things for himself sometimes and he ends up getting a job working for the local epic meat man. FUCKING SMART.

The team’s current agenda is to campaign local spirits against Clunkerman.



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