Wolves of Wayward

Ganger Scum

Put the fear of God in 'em.

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The group fights a long fight with their many newly aqquired allies and takes down Clunkerman. They inform the spirit authorities to be on the lookout for his reformation in the near future, just in case.

The party convinces Alice to quit while she can in order to remain on good terms with her employer.

They also got to check out Nice’s old pad to collect some things from it and find looters whom they surround and intimidate, before they force them to help them move things into their truck and then offer the kids the chance to rent the place from them which they, being homeless, accept, and the pack uses the fact that normal folk find them terrifying, especially when the pack is trying to be scary, to make it very clear that there will be NO shenanigans. The message is received loud and clear.

The group goes to see if they can form a partnership of sorts with the Smith Brothers where they get all the “Weird Shit” cases referred to them. The Smith bros seem a bit preoccupied but then it’s revealed that circumstance has led to their father, a first genner who died during the retirement, being a zombie, and what better way to test potential partners and not have to kill your pop yourself could there be. The pack takes care of it, and they make arrangements to get their weird shit referrals.

They then quickly need to learn more about this problem. After investigating what may have caused the zombism by consulting the Wayward X Files. They find nothing, but do look up the grave sites of the group previously known as the Hunters. Coincidentally, they appear to be buried at the school. Assuming they would know more, they decide to check if their spirits still lingered.

Luckily for them, Alice does manage to find them still hanging around. The group learns a bit more about the nature of Wayward’s zombie problem from the ghosts of the Hunters and find that the problem (caused by strange spirits) doesn’t spread until the corpses are immobilized but incinerating the bodies should prevent it… so they immediately have to head back to the Smith Bros to make sure they don’t go full zombie, but not before Joel notices Uratha carvings on the Hunters gravestones, which is weird because it turns out they aren’t werewolves, and in fact found the fact that the NEW hunters were werewolves to weird as fuck.

When the arrive the Smith bros are drunk enough to register as false positives, but after sorting that out they make sure the boys burn that body, instead of saving it for the wake.

Then they worry more first genners are going to opt out of their dirt naps. The pack divides into two teams.

Team A heads to the cemetery and does find shamblers and burns them to the ground with a well-tossed molotov and nearly burns a lot more to the ground. Team A manages to prevent the fires from spreading from tree to tree by tearing the trees right out of the ground after finding chopping them down to be too slow. Strong werewolf forms were employed to accomplish this. Drifters are reported being seen ambling up with buckets of water and dirt, seeing the werewolves being manly at the fire, and leaving with a shrug.

Team B asks the Mayor to get them a list of folks who may have buried their first genner kin privately. After eventually getting this info, Team B has a very short list to check and comes up with reasons to be in other peoples yards in the middle of the night just in case they’re caught, as the Mayor wants things to be discreet. Never mind the fire the pack distracts him from noticing off in the distance. Team B finds their ploy is no longer needed at one house that is zombies confirmed, and makes sure to thoroughly take care of the zombie couple who lives at one of the spots on their list, which is the only spot they need to worry about as it turns out. They head to the cemetery to regroup, and then report to the Mayor.

The Mayor receives the report and while not pleased by the fire, finds this a lot better than a town full of zombies. Joel advises to keep an eye on the “No Trouble” private grave sites from the backyard burial patrol. The mayor does however point out that the couple who did succumb to zombism had a daughter who was not accounted for during the zombie prevention check, and in fact was the 12:04 Retirement Night disappearance.

The team makes that their new priority and asks the Mayor for any leads. One of those leads is an association with a gang scumbag kid and the team goes to check it out the next day. They pull some weight with old Mayor and have him call in a favor with the local bowling alley to get the non gangers out of the area with the promise of free bowling. When the pack arrives they find the gang hooverville shanty town and ask to to see their lead. They are denied and the denying punk unloads a round into Henry’s truck as the pack was leaving peacefully. Joel demands a revolver from Henry but by the time he has it aimed at the offender Jacob has already dispatched the guy with his bow. They leave and come back after supplying up for a fight and tear the shanty town apart. Jacob’s whore is in attendance for this as she’ll try anything once and they end up having their lead alive but severely injured and missing limbs after some Gauru beat-down, and two extra gang hostages to boot.

The whore finds it a bit much in terms of response to the provocation the gang offered considering that the gunshot wasn’t really a threat and even when the gang was on the attack they wouldn’t have been able to take down the werewolves, but the pack argues that when someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back.

They take their unconscious gangers back to the school for interrogation and learn from the underlings that their leader had talked about how he was going to take advantage of that girl on retirement night. They’ve got the kids scared pretty shitless and get around to grilling the gang leader. Wake him up, point out his lack of limbs, convince him to play nice with a little bit of bodily harm when he chose to be a bit stubborn, and Joel offers that they’ll let him live if they learn what they need to know.

After learning their Retirement Night location Henry gives the kid a case of lead poisoning to the head. Joel is not particularly happy about this, having unwittingly broken his word and Henry and Joel have a civil discussion on the matter. They let the gang underlings go, with the threat that if they ever get in trouble again, they’ll be in a brand new hell, and the kids take it to heart as they run off into the distance, scared straight.

They now have a location to check out and ready themselves for the task.



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