Wolves of Wayward

Armchair Psychiatry

The Ruth is on fire?

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Jacob, having run off into the wilderness, begins having encounters with with some sort of female wolf protecting her territory, while the rest of the pack figures out what they should be doing. Eventually they decide to go look for Jacob, and are quite interested in what may possibly be another werewolf in Wayward.

Unfortunately there are more pressing matters to attend to. The retrieval of the pack’s totem spirit, Carter. They plan for quite a while, and secure the safety of their loved ones (Jacob’s ex-whore girlfriend and the little girl who went from brothel child to the Williams’ family’s adopted daughter to the packs kid after the Williams family bit the dust during the “First Genocide”).

The pack gears up for war and arms the prostitute for her own safety with a firearm. After making their way to the Ruth mansion they have Jacob as stealth assistance but decide that walking in the front door would be the best course of action to try and start a negotiation BEFORE firing the first shot. The Ruths debate whether they should enter conversation with the pack and Joel becomes increasingly agitated by their non-compliance.

The Ruth clan in creepy non-obviously-present spider form asks if the pack intends to torch the house with all the Molotovs and other weaponry they’ve brought, and Joel firmly asserts that they won’t if the Ruths come out and talk with them and may or may not have laughed maniacally while doing so.

The Ruths agree to negotiations despite the objections of Jim who was apparently rather close with the Ruth Azlu which attacked Alice and was subsequently murdered by Henry’s pack. Joel sees Jim as a bit of a kindred spirit in his approach to issues and personal vendettas and takes a shine to him, and the group manages to negotiate a deal in which Henry’s pack deals with spirits that are too big for their britches that might threaten the power base of the Ruths as well as feeding spirits to said Ruths on occasion.

In return the pack gets a stable Loci, knowledge of the towns moving Loci, and possible information exchange privileges later on, and of course, they also secure the hostage their pack totem. After sending one of their own to make sure Carter was indeed an in tact and alive hostage and hashing out some finer details of the deal, the group takes their leave.

From outside Jacob has seen that the Ruth clan has something crazy dark and big in their home, but joins the group shortly before they leave.

Back at base, Jacob, or, as that personality has been checked out for a bit since the death of his parents, THE WOLF, is concerned about a dreams he’s been having. A dream where he chases down two rabbits. Not to eat them, but to protect them from harm. The rabbits are scared of him however and run into their burrow which is where the danger lies.

Henry and Joel engage in some armchair psychology. Henry claims the rabbits are boobs, and Joel, despite taking the whole thing rather lightly in delivery, assures Henry that they will be trying harder than that. Joel eventually interprets the dream as a metaphor for the wolf’s failure to protect his parents from their untimely demise.

They manage to hunt down some spirits for the Ruths to eat. There are plenty of spirits which need to be culled to make Wayward less hellish, so it’s not an issue to bring a few down. The Ruths aren’t particularly pleased with that sort of diet, but they manage.

The group also takes interest in looking for the she-wolf Jacob has been driven out of certain areas by. Joel displays his sense of justice by opting to go unarmed to find her, since the descriptions of said wolf make her seem like she isn’t the type to use a weapon. Joel has her pegged as a hunter of darkness.

When they finally find this she-wolf, there is a skirmish and another werewolf comes to her aid while brandishing an axe. The pack makes short work of incapacitating the attacker, who Joel pegs as a blood Talon, and demands the female stay and talk if she wants this male werewolf to be safe. She considers the option, but instead bolts, and forces the group to track her down sans Ben who has “bash this wolf in the head with a rock whenever he tries to stand up” duty.

Once the group catches up with her things get weird. She accuses the wolf of trying to kill her baby and everything is very confusing but they get plenty of exposition on the situation, coming to the conclusion the the victim is the wolf’s other personality Jacob. It also turns out that these two new wolves seem to be Jacob’s parents… but not Jacob’s parents.

Joel runs quarterback for some more amateur therapy and manages to suss out the Jacob personality without having to use his mean words by pointing out that this seems to be Jacob’s mother.

There are tearful reunions to be had and they group up with Ben, and Jacob’s fatherly werewolf Blood Talon who has been thoroughly and consistently bashed in the head with a rock.

Some more exposition later the group asks the right questions and figures out that these are not really Jacob’s parents but spirit manifestations of them stemming directly from Jacob’s trauma over their loss, as well as emissaries from the Blood Talons and the Hunters of Darkness here to recruit Jacob who had latched onto these spirit manifestations to get into the supernaturally ridiculous no entry zone that is Wayward. Jacob has to make a choice of which tribe to be a part of, and Joel takes it upon himself to learn the rite of initiation in order to induct tribe-less pack mates into tribes proper.

What will Jacob choose? After deliberation, he settles on being a Blood Talon.



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