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The People are a race of supernatural predators more dangerous than any beast on the Earth. In them there is all the feral savagery of a wolf and all the deceptive cunning of a man. They are a crafty and cunning sort: as swift running upon four legs as they are upon two, and no less dangerous in daylight than they are beneath the moon. Born in an age of ancient wonders before the fall of paradise, they are as much akin to the Gods as they are to men. The stories of their victories are legendary things, as are their failures.

This is the story of their two greatest failures.

Joel and Henry never asked to be born into the People, nor to have the peaceful monotony of their daily lives shattered by dangers and responsibilities totally alien from what you learn to fear in a sleepy Texas burg of less than 4000. Their changes came late in life, much too late to attract the proper attention of their true family. Brought to a realization of their nature without guidance or help from anyone, they are self-styled bastard children that attract only the contempt and pity of their more “civilized” kin… yet they continue to survive and thrive on their own terms. The new paths blazed by these forgotten sons of moon and flesh will be tortuous and bloody things that will bring shame and reprimand upon the honored species from which they descend.

It will also make one hell of a good story the next time they get liquored up enough to be talkative while there’s a video camera rolling.

Wolves of Wayward

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