Joel Lowenthol

Crankcase Wheelman - Slightly rage-prone former mechanic

Character Name: Joel Lowenthol Concept: Jaded Mechanic Auspice: Ithaeur
Player Name: Sean Virtue: Pragmatism Tribe: Iron Masters?
Chronicle: Wolves Of Wayward Vice: Wrath Lodge: ???
Hishu Stats
Power Intelligence •• Wits ••• Resolve •••
Finesses Strength ••• Dexterity ••• Stamina •••
Resistance Presence •• Manipulation •• Composure ••
Primal Urge • Harmony: 4
Mental (-3 unskilled) Physical (-1 unskilled) Social (-1 unskilled)
Academics • Athletics • Animal Ken
Computer Brawl • Empathy •
Crafts (Mechanics) •••• Drive ••••• Expression
Investigation • Firearms ••• Intimidation
Medicine Larceny (Automobile) •• Persuasion •
Occult (Lycanthropy) • Stealth • Socialize
Politics Survial (Urban) • Streetwise •
Science Weaponry • Subterfuge •

A mechanic by trade, Joel has dropped that job to take on the new mantle of full-time Werewolf. If you were to ask him about it, he’d probably drop a few hints about his distaste for that, actually. Perhaps more aggressively than you might like.

Born (2/10/1980) and raised in Wendleton, Texas, Joel was the youngest of three children. Born 2 years after his brother Jason, (11/10/1978) and 6 years after his sister Cammy, (4/17/1975). Most of what Joel knows about being an asshole he learned from his brother, needless to say, they didn’t get along very well. This is not the case in regards to his sister, who was genuinely nice.

Around the time when Joel was 11, she had her own Uratha issues to deal with and left home. Soon after Joel’s father left for “bigger and better things” and his mother sank into a deep depression when not long afterwards they learned that Joel’s father had been found dead, (unbeknownst to Joel due to a turning/marking gone awry). Joel felt abandoned by his father and did not make any attempt to attend the funeral.

Avoiding his home life, Joel spent his formative years shooting off a BB gun (that has since been pawned) and waiting until he turned 16 to get a driver’s license so he could hop in a car and go anywhere but where he was (To Joel, freedom is a good car and a long stretch of open road). When the time came he got his license, and his GED, and became a chauffeur for a while. At 17 he went to a mechanic trade school. At the same time, he interned at a small gas station where a much more experienced mechanic showed him the ropes, even after he graduated from trade school.

Eventually, Joel settled in the inner city. He’d spend his off time working out his aggressions at the gun range and spend even more of his off time driving in amateur stock car races. One day a week he would stop for a drink at the bar with his drinking acquaintance Henry. Oddly enough Cammy managed to keep track of Joel and send him postcards of her travels with her nomadic friends in their brown Volkswagen van until Joel was forced to leave Wendleton.

Since then Joel has been needed as a possible murder witness, crashed a police car into a semi truck, burned down a trailer home, gone on a two week paranoid sleepless road trip, shot with bird shot, escaped from a mental asylum, eaten willow of the wisps, nearly burned alive after jumping into a boiler, talked to a psychiatrist’s burnt shrunken head, experienced forced nudity on multiple occasions, been stuck in the bayou, run drugs, watched the mafia beat the shit out of a man, escaped a drug lab’s fiery explosion, hit with an oar, and most of this time he’s been with Henry.

Joel is supposed to be his pack’s occult guy, but truth be told, Joel hates the occult. For the most part, his experience with the shadow has been that it was trying to screw him at every turn. Joel would like very much for trouble to stop following him around.

Joel Lowenthol

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