Creep Seto

Omega of the Diamondback Lurker werewolf pack


Fox “Creep” Seto was born in 1990 to an Uratha mother and a human father. Due to the negligence of his father in raising the young man, the state declared that he be put in the custody of his nomadic mother for his own safety. This caused his mother great anxiety, because it required her to leave here duties behind while she educated young Fox. However, it also meant that Creep grew up with full knowledge of his condition as a wolf-blooded human, and it was little surprise to anyone when he underwent the trauma of his first change at only 13.

At the opening of the story, Creep has passed his tribal initiations and been accepted as omega into a pack of Bone Shadow Uratha known as the Diamondback Lurkers. His mother has left the United States to rejoin her pack in Canada, leaving Creep as the lowest man on the totem pole still operating out of Wendleton. As one of his first official assignments, Creep is tasked with finding and observing Henry Helot, who is undergoing what might be the first stages of a change. When found and confronted, however, Creep discovers that Henry is extremely hostile to the idea of joining Creep’s “family,” and Seto is forced to leave when Henry involves local law enforcement.

Returning to his pack alpha in defeat, Creep is given a sharp reprimand and sent once again out into the streets of Wendleton to find Henry. By this time Henry and Joel have had still more encounters with the supernatural, causing them to be more responsive to Creep’s offers of help. Unfortunately, the young wolf turns out to be an untalented educator, and his cryptic warnings are misinterpreted as threats by his clueless audience. The police are again notified, and this time Creep is brought into custody.

Though never again seen during the Wendleton Prelude, Creep would eventually be discovered by Henry and Joel when they returned to Texas in search of help placating the tribal spirits they offended during their tribal initiations. He was found face-down in a sewage ditch with a bullet in the back of his throat, effectively dead for well over four months. Amazingly, he was still alive enough to be revived by Selsnick, and proved to be an important clue in the pack’s search for the lost seer. It is still unknown how he ended up in the city’s aqueducts, and the name of his assailant is likewise still a mystery.

When last seen Creep was severely brain damaged from his long interim without oxygen, and it is unknown how much he will recover under observation.

Creep Seto

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