Wolves of Wayward

Good Christians

Love, betrayal, and nothing

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Out of forest, clothes tattered and worn. Alice knows a good christian home not brimming with scorn.
The man and the woman, apprehensive at first, assumes the group to be drifters (absolutely the worst).
Alice raps on the door and the Williams take stock. It’s their local doctor, and drifters don’t knock.
The group gets some clothes not befitting their style, and offered up food if they stay awhile.
They shower and groom and get rid of their grime, representative of 2 weeks of terrible time.
Conversation is had and it is revealed that political factions are somewhat surreal.
Good Christians, good voters, one in the same, do not admit, but imply their influence lame.
The voters, citizens concerned, democratic, find other groups abiding by votes very erratic.

The group, cleaned, fed, and rested, takes their leave of the home before getting invested.
The doctor decides that it’s time to report to her mentor, boss, and physician cohort.
Joel and the gang upgrade their threads so once Alice reports they wear clothes of the dead.
Making a security guard at the hospital feel weird, Alice’s patients have backed up, as feared.
She remains at the hospital trying to help, while the group travels onward with nary a yelp.

Joel is not happy with the clothes of the passed, and convinces the gang to make a stop fast.
To the auto garage, abandoned and poor, so Joel can acquire a jumpsuit once more.
They break and they enter and inside they find, that in this town a mechanic must be out of their mind.
Blood of the deceased who refused to take sides with the various factions needing maintenance on rides.
Joel takes a jumpsuit, hell, he takes two. The dead do not need it, and neither do you.
The group burgles tools, and locks from the place, and a large toolbox to put it all in one space.

Jacob Nice is approached by his girlfriend of past, and no doubts from the group regarding intentions are cast.
She takes him away and Joel and Ben lug the goods, toward somewhere secluded, and not in the woods.
Henry meanwhile has some things to attend, so he goes leaving Ben and Joel to ascend.
Uphill toward the mountains and school they do travel, when the sound of some motors reverbs from the gravel.
Joel’d been advising Ben to stand up for himself. He’d been jibed hard this day and not venting was bad for your health.
But as the dirt bikes approached to Ben it was clear, these men coming fourth were suppose to be here.
They belonged to the group Ben, Henry, and Joel borrowed arms from to defend young Ben’s house (now a smoldering hole).
The bikes gave them away, Wayward vehicles rare, but Joel and Ben could raise nary a care.
Ben saw in his heart a new perfect way to vent all his anger and resentment that day.
The hooligans taunted and pointed their guns, while Joel and Ben took some cover preparing for fun.
Being mortally threatened, Joel would not stand, and Ben and Joel could not meet their demands.
Their guns they had lost, Ben would admit, ranting and raving, not taking their shit.
The men and the bikes moved in for a kill, but Ben and Joel fought with more than just will.
Ben for his part stole the show, and ended the foes before Joel scored one blow.
Gauru form had made short work of the guys, who had mistakenly come where none could witness but flies.
Ben then discovered upon looting the two, that the guns had been empty, and their death threats less true.
Joel could not muster sympathy for their mistake, and what was left of the bikes the victors would take.
They hid their lucre behind foliage and leaf, and went down the hill to check Henry’s beef.

Upon their reunion they pick up some food, exchanging demon leather to the chef dude.
The cook has an order of ribs meant for Alice, and Henry, Ben, and Joel deliver sans malice.

When food arrives, Alice stops work, though she eats it she’s bottomless, so was still hungry (the jerk.)
Her mentor knocks off and suggests that dining with Alice would be a nice rest.
They leave the rest of the group to enjoy more fine things to eat, and Henry realizes they should beat feet.

It dawns on him that Jacob’s old gal, may not be trustworthy and may not be a pal.
Conveniently he’d made a point to taste Jacob’s ichor, so tracking him would therefore be just that much quicker.

Meanwhile Jacob Nice was feeling dumb as a sap, tied up in chair with many a strap.
His girlfriend had brought him right to the door of her not-so-nice family wanting to settle a score.
They threatened and beat him, wanted him scared, but his status as lycanthrope ended up bared.
Betrayed by his woman, a loved one quite close, he went into death rage and was not verbose.

He mindlessly murdered all who were present. The girlfriend, the thugs. None thought it pleasant.

Luckily, his new pack arrives like a beam, and brutally stop Jacob working as a team.
Damage minimized and herd still in dark, they needs a surgeon at which Jacob they’d park.

His wounds were extensive and he needed care, but the doctors were out, they simply weren’t there.
So in a panic, to the eatery they went, where Alice and her boss’s dinner was spent.
Begrudgingly surgery was performed by the M.D.s, though it cost them the ability to eat there as pleased.

Then Joel remembered that they hadn’t not heard something from negative null, not a not-word.
Joel questioned this openly, not looking sane, to hear back from Null that he was in pain.
Indigestion it seemed, something he ate. He had eaten the totem, which was not great.

Well, to say totem at this point would not be accurate words, but the unformed spirit given to them would be less blurred.
From what Joel could tell nothing plus something could result in the non-being of null coming to halt.

So Joel advised null, not to think, just to act. He could be saved with some care and some tact.
Null needed direction so as not to implode, and team Wayward had short time to give him a load.
“Will you be our pack totem don’t think, just say yes, it’s the first step toward you living, which would be the best”

The head doctor, not Alice, took careful note, he finished his meal, and put on his coat.
He addressed the group, and in serious tone, said, “We need to talk in private, alone.”

The group who could hear Null discussed and instructed, leaving the restaurant uninterrupted.
They successfully managed to put Null to a course, where the destination was new, no return or remorse.
He stabilized slowly while leading the way, to a place they might call home soon, one day.

Up toward the school, Joel and Ben recovered their goods, and continued their journey, like anyone would…



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